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Travis Kelce Has to Work on Christmas

His holiday hustle and bustle will take place on the gridiron.
Travis Kelce Has to Work on Christmas
From Chris Delmas/Getty Images.

“Work-life balance” has been a popular topic in recent years, championing the separation of career from personal life. You’ve probably already started getting those holiday out-of-office email auto-responses, and your coworkers have gone camera-off on those video calls so you don’t see them in their loungewear as the year winds down. Travis Kelce, however, doesn’t have the luxury of punting his professional duties to the new year.

Kelce will be tight ending it up in Kansas City as the Chiefs play host to the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day. Brother Jason Kelce will also be on the clock over in Philadelphia, as the Eagles meet the New York Giants on the field. Surely there will be some Kelce brotherly love on Christmas, but probably not in person.

“It will be a fun one,” Travis Kelce told People of his upcoming Christmas plans, even though he’s technically going to be stuck at work.

“My brother sent me a text and said he’s going to be celebrating afterwards,” he revealed of Jason’s own holiday post-game schedule with his wife, Kylie Kelce and their three daughters, Wyatt, Elliotte, and Bennett.

Travis didn’t complain about his professional commitments interfering with the holidays, telling People, “It’s always a luxury playing for Kansas City — home and away.”

The Christmas whereabouts of two of Travis’ personal leading ladies also remain unknown for the time being: Donna Kelce, mother to both Travis and Jason, has been known to defy the laws of time and space to make it to both of her sons’ games on the same day, but with just three-and-a-half hours between Travis’ kickoff in Kansas City and Jason’s in Philadelphia, and the average NFL telecast topping three hours, even Donna may have a hard time making the commute to be there in person for both games.

The holiday plans of Kelce’s high-profile girlfriend, too, remain unknown. Where in the world will Taylor Swift, she of “Christmas Tree Farm” fame, make her yuletide gay? The world wonders. If Travis Kelce pulls a holiday twofer and decides to celebrate the holiday with Kentucky Fried Chicken catering, like he did on Thanksgiving, hopefully he’ll add on a side of seemingly ranch to share with Taylor, alongside his order of 56 pieces of KFC fried chicken, 80 hot & spicy wings, three catering-sized mashed potatoes and gravy, two mac and cheese orders, and two orders of corn.

Representatives for Taylor Swift did not immediately return a request for comment.