Meghan Markle Says Prince Archie Might Not Get His Christmas Wish

In a panel discussion, the duchess explained that her four-year-old son has taken up an interest in a new hobby after some lessons from her friend Misan Harriman.
Meghan Markle Says Prince Archie Might Not Get His Christmas Wish
From Robin L Marshall/FilmMagic.

Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had their oldest son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, in 2019, they have largely kept him out of the spotlight. But every so often, one of his parents will spill a few details about the four-year-old and his interests. Last month, Meghan revealed that Archie was a budding photographer when she served as the moderator for a Netflix panel featuring the photographer Misan Harriman and actor David Oyelowo.

Though the main topic of discussion was The After, Harriman’s new short film, Meghan did thank her friend for giving her son a few tips about the art form. “The inspiration runs deep,” Meghan said. “Our 4-year-old…4 and a half-year-old son—he would say, ‘No, I’m not 4. I’m 4 and a half. Misan was showing him how to do photography the last time he was with us, and I bought Archie a camera, and he said, “But it’s not a Leica like Misan,’” she said before laughing.

The German camera company is famous for its time-intensive manufacturing process and high price tags, so it seems like it might be some time before Archie makes that upgrade. “I said, ‘You are not getting a Leica! Not even for Christmas,’” Meghan said. “So thank you for the inspiration across the board.”

So even if photography gear isn’t on the list, Archie’s Christmas with his sister Lilibet will still be full of celebration. In an October interview with E! News, Meghan mentioned that she and Harry have been developing new holiday traditions with her young family. “We're creating new ones now that our little ones are growing up, and we’re enjoying every moment of it,” she said. “I love trimming and decorating the tree with my children.”

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