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year in review

The Biggest Scandals of 2023

Scandoval, Hasan Minhaj, The Idol, and more of this year’s most gripping headlines.

How Celebrity Surgeon Scammer Paolo Macchiarini Fooled So Many for So Long

On the eve of two Peacock projects based on his VF reporting, Adam Ciralsky looks back on one of the stranger stories of his career. 
Awards Insider!

Jack Black on His Christmas-Movie Rivalry and Those White Lotus Rumors

On the awards campaign trail for his Super Mario Bros. Movie song, “Peaches,” and fresh off an Emmy win, Black is hitting new milestones even more than two decades into Hollywood stardom.
Year in Review

The Year That Broke Hollywood

Dual strikes, layoffs, and budget cuts made for a tough 2023. Can Hollywood rebuild for a more sustainable future?
From the Magazine

Is This the Year a Queer Actor Goes All the Way at the Oscars?

Films like Strange Way of Life, Cassandro, and All of Us Strangers could break down some of Oscar’s most stubborn walls this season.
Team Coco

“You Better Be as Good as Letterman!” Conan O’Brien’s Wild First Year: An Oral History

In 1993, NBC made a historic decision—and gave Late Night to a nobody. O’Brien, Letterman, Lorne Michaels, Lisa Kudrow, and more tell all.
Little Gold Men

Carey Mulligan on the “Soul-Baring and Crying” That Made Maestro Possible

The actor used dream workshops and a deep dive into Felicia Montealegre’s past to embody Leonard Bernstein’s wife.
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Dua Lipa Thinks Greta Gerwig “Defied All Odds” on Barbie and Was Happy to Come Along for the Ride

The pop star tells Vanity Fair about “Dance the Night,” her secret contributions to the film during a busy world tour, and what she learned from reuniting with her “Electricity” partner Mark Ronson.
Little Gold Men

With The Taste of Things, Juliette Binoche Confronted Her Past—And Paved a New Path Forward

The Oscar winner opens up about the profound insights gained from making her luminous new film, which France is campaigning for this year’s international-film Oscar.

The Color Purple Is a Sturdy Song-Delivery System

Fantasia Barrino, Danielle Brooks, and Taraji P. Henson get the job done.
in conversation

Erika Alexander Is American Fiction’s Quiet Storm

The Indie Spirit nominee chats about going toe-to-toe with Jeffrey Wright, her penchant for playing lawyers, and the state of the Black sitcom.

Will Oppenheimer, Killers of the Flower Moon, or Barbie Be Crowned Best Picture?

Bold artistic gambles, sweeping historical dramas, and a pair of idiosyncratic blockbusters make for an unusually captivating top Oscar race.
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How Poor Things’ Intimacy Coordinator Made All Those Sex Scenes Possible

Elle McAlpine helped center Yorgos Lanthimos’s coming-of-age movie around female orgasm, modesty garments, and empowered sexual exploration.

There Are No Winners in Wrestling Drama The Iron Claw

Zac Efron does his best to lend a brutal story some real humanity. 
majors on trial

Jonathan Majors Found Guilty in Domestic Assault Trial, Dropped by Marvel

Shortly after the verdict, Marvel announced that the studio is officially parting ways with the Ant-Man actor. 
Awards Insider!

Greta Lee Isn’t Sure She Can Go Back to Supporting Roles After Past Lives

At the Unforgettable Gala in Beverly Hills on Saturday, Lee was honored before a predominantly Asian crowd: “I think it’s time now for us to be at the center of our own stories, on our own terms.”
this is how we win

The 22 Best Feel-Bad Movies to Destroy Your Mood

What’s the opposite of a feel-good movie? Uncut Gems, Taxi Driver, Melancholia, or one of these other great films that’ll leave you feeling terrible.
From the Magazine

Smoking Is Back in Movies. Here’s Why

Maestro, Cassandro, Saltburn, and more movies this season use lighting up to capture time, character, and sometimes tragedy.
the last luncheon

Carrie Coon Loves Your Mean Gilded Age Tweets

The Gilded Age star on the opera war’s culmination, the cast’s “nerdy theater camp” energy, and what she’d love to see Mrs. Russell conquer next.
live from new york

Kate McKinnon’s Triumphant Return is SNL’s Best Show of the Year

From “Tampon Farm” to ABBA, Saturday Night Live was filled with Christmas cheer—and great performances from McKinnon.