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Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott Test How Well They Know Each Other

The cast members of 'All of Us Strangers' test who knows one another best in this episode of Vanity Fair Game Show. They filmed together, but how much do they actually know about each other? Director: Funmi Sunmonu Director of Photography: Grant Bell Editor: Robert Malone Talent: Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal Producer: Juliet Lopez Line Producer: Romeeka Powell Associate Producer: Emembeit Beyene Production Manager: Andressa Pelachi and Kevin Balash Director, Talent: Lauren Mendoza Camera Operator: Shay Eberle-Gunst Sound : Paul Cornett Production Assistant: Fernando Barajas and Lauren Boucher Post Production Supervisor: Christian Olguin Post Production Coordinator: Scout Alter Supervising Editor: Erica DeLeo Assistant Editor: Billy Ward Graphics Supervisor: Ross Rackin

Released on 12/14/2023


What is my dating red flag?

That's a hard, like- Yeah,

it's like, there's so many. There's multiple [laughs].

There's so many red flags.

No, but there are.

There are, right?

[upbeat music]

Hello, I'm Andrew Scott.

And I'm Paul Mescal.

And today, we're going to test

how well we know each other.

Yep. With Vanity Fair.

I feel like this could be an absolute disaster.

I do, too. We won't know any

of these answers.

But I can assure you that we like each other

a great deal. [Andrew laughs]

Please believe us. [chuckles]

What non-Irish accent am my best at doing?

Look into my eyes, into my eyes.

I can look around the eyes.

I'm gonna say, like-- Oh, wait, wait.

Do I write down my answer first?

Yeah. Yeah.

This is ridiculous.

Oh, God.

What non-Irish accent?

I'm not looking at your- Okay.

I'm gonna say an RP, a posh English accent.


Let's go, yeah. Yeah!

We like each other.

We both, we're both winners! It's all downhill from here.

Okay, [sighs] if I was a drink,

what kind of drink would I be?

Oh, fuck.

I'm gonna go general.

Why are you writing?

Oh, wait, oh yeah, I don't need to write.

[Paul laughs]

Just for my notes.

I wanna take some fucking notes.

Okay. What do you think?

Okay. Well, it's a spirit.

Spirit and mixer.

[bell dings] [both laughing]

We're off to a flyer. Yes, good.

Okay, I'm not sure I know the answer to this.

How many languages do I speak?

Well, or just generally? Like the couple of-

Yeah, a couple of fuck all.

English, bit of Irish.

You go to Spain quite a bit.

I'm gonna say, well, you have to

write down that. Oh yeah.

Write down your answer for the amount

that you can actually speak beyond, just like,

Bonjour. Yeah.

I'm gonna say three languages.


Probably more. Four.

What was your fourth one?

Well, I can speak a little bit of Italian, now,

'cause of Ripley.

Oh, okay, fine.

I was close.

What is my favorite Irish slang term?

Oh, okay.

It could be, Let's do a phrase.

Trying to think of like,

if we do the voice, what you'd say.

Yeah. It is.

It's in the voice.

It's in that. [Andrew laughing]

It's in the like Irish mammy voice.

Ah, stop it.

It's about like, ah, shucks.

Oh, wait, okay.

Hold second. Hold a second.

This could be completely wrong.

What do you think it is? Stop the lights.

Stop the lights is a good one.

I went, ah sure look it.

[Andrew laughing] Fuck yeah.

I should have said that.

Ah sure look it. Ah sure look it.

Ah sure look it. Isn't it great?

[Andrew laughing] Aren't you Great.

Stop the lights is worth explaining.

So, if you had a great night,

if someone was like, Oh, did you have a great night,

last night? Ah, stop the lights,

it's a great outside. That's the usage.

[Andrew laughing]

I mean, the phrase I stopped the lights.

How long did I attend Trinity College?

I didn't know you attended Trinity College.

There's our answer.

[Andrew laughing]

What did you study?

Drama. Drama, you did drama.

Academic one or the acting one?

The academic one.

So undergrad, I'm gonna say.

Oh, it's either three or four years.

Oh no, it's terrible.

I dropped out after six months.


stop the lights. Stop the lights.

You did not. [Andrew laughing]

You did not. Listen.

Ah sure, look it.

Didn't he do well out of it, anyway.

[Andrew laughing] I said three to four years.

But that's right.

He's right.

That's how long it would be. That's how long.

If you ever wanna study in Trinity,

that's what you would have to do

if you weren't

a ne'er-do-well. Unless

you're an unbelievably talented actor,

then you only need six months.

Or lazy little gap site. [both laughing]

Right, come on, sock it to me.

What is my biggest pet peeve?

Well, you're a hard worker.

But that's not really a pet peeve.

It's in that.

It's in that ballpark?

It's related to that.



Oh, fuck, I was gonna say.

Yeah, but you didn't,

did ya? But I said hard worker,

which is the opposite of laziness.

Yeah. Well, it's not

multiple choice. I do know. I do know you.

Okay, come on. What's my go-to comfort food.

Think of our shoot.

Oh, you love the old biscuits isn't it?

No. Come on.

[Paul laughing]


What comfort food did we have

after the sex scene? Pizza? Pizza?

No, no, no. Fuck? Sorry.

No, go sweet.

Go Sweet. Go sweet.


What did we eat? What did we do

after the- What did we eat?

Sweet. Ice cream.

No. Oh!

Oh. I know, I know, I know, I know.

Haribo Tangfastics. Thank you.

There we go. Thank you.

There we go.

Yeah. Good.

That was a good one.

[Camera Person] What is it?

Haribo. Haribo?

They don't have them over here.

You don't have Haribo? Haribo.

Oh yeah. Oh, they do.

Tangfastics. The sour ones.

The sour- Although,

I've now given up sugar.

That's disappointing.

What is my dating red flag?

That's a hard,

there's multiple. There's so many.

[Paul laughing]

There's so many red flags. No, but there are.

There are. Right?

What would be a red flag for me

if I was on a date with somebody, at a restaurant?

Why are you writing?

Your daft. [crew laughing]

Oh fuck, I'm not supposed to write it down.

[crew laughing]

I just like to take notes. [Paul laughing]

What do you think?

Being rude to the waiting staff?

Very, very good.

Someone who doesn't look at a waiter, specifically.

Oh, [bell dings]

that's pretty good. That's pretty good.

But do you know when somebody is like,

if they go, even if they say,

even if they acknowledge the waiter,

but they're like doing something.

They, Thank you so much.

But if they don't

make eye contact. Exactly.

It's weird the way people- Big red flag.

Okay, What is the, this is a good,

what is the name of our WhatsApp group with Joe


Okay. We know this.


Oh, do I write it down?

This is the one you write down.

Tortured Man Club. Right.

[bell dings] Yeah, correct.

Which, for the record,

had four- Four messages in it.

Okay, so that's done.

Where do I keep my BAFTA bonus? What did I win it for?

Do I write it down?

I do. I write.

I write it down.

No, you don't write it down.

You know. I do write it.

Fuckin' hell. Why can't I get this right?

Stop the lights.

So you keep your BAFTA in your house?


Oh, in your parents' house?

Your parents' house. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

In your parents' house. Sorry.

In your parents' house.

Well, you won it for Normal People.

Yeah, at home. [bell dings]

Normal People.

What is my dating green flag?

Somebody who's sexy. Oh my God.

No way. Yeah.

[bell dings] Someone who's sexy, Grace.

Funny, kind, sexy, I have.

Funny, kind, sexy, Grace.

What is my weirdest on set habit?

Oh, you don't really have one.

I'm gonna go specifically dark with this

on set habit?

Weirdest on set event that happened for us is,

I'm gonna change the question to.

It was dark.

It wasn't fun.

Wait, the the not nice thing.

Yeah, dark.

Yeah, but [laughing] I don't think I wanna say that.

Take the risk [laughing]. No, I can't.

Did it happen in the flat?

It happened in the flat, yeah.

Just before a scene?


And you ran out?

[both laughing] Yeah.

It's not funny.

It's not funny, at all.

But look, we're committing to it.

Okay, well,

we were about to do a very

serious scene about parenthood,

and Paul, I feel terrible saying this.

Just go. Just- And Paul

had to leave the set because he was upset about something

that was going on in- Having a panic attack.

[bell dings] So yeah.

That's the weird thing that happened.


But I wouldn't say that's a- No,

it's not a thing that I do regularly, or try to avoid.

As much as possible. For attention.

Yeah. Yeah. Stop the lights.

Stop the lights. [Andrew laughing]

What did my character say to Fleabag

when she told me that she loved me?

Do I write this? You write.

It'll pass.

[bell dings] Yeah.

Best line in television history, I think.

Oh my God. And very well delivered.

Oh, thank you.

I remember reading that line for the first time

and just going [gasps]. Oh my God.

You know when you get alarmed

and you're like- Horrendous.

But also, the fact that it was so

immediate, you think, is that a cruel thing

that he's saying?

Oh no. But it's so kind.

Because it does pass.

It does, yeah, but it's also so just upsetting.

A dagger to the heart. So upsetting, yeah.

Yeah, true. It's truthful, yeah.

Good old Phoebes.

If I ever got arrested, what would it be for?

Mess. Being messy. [Paul laughing]

You're a dirty little messer.

[both laughing]

What would it be for? If you got arrested?

Imagine it was really dark.

It's for being too hot.

Yeah, being too hot.

[Andrew laughing]

Do you think I should have a good guess at this?

Gimme a little- Just like,

it's not that dark.

It's just- Just drinking

and being messy.

Drunk and disorderly. [Andrew laughing]

Drunk and disorderly. [bell dings]

Yeah, yeah yeah.

Nice and safe

What's my love language?

And the love languages are physical touch.

That's what I would say.

Physical touch. [bell dings]

A hundred percent.

I didn't, was I supposed to write it down?

But it is, right? I hope you can see

the sincerity in my eyes. It's definitely

physical touch.

He loves [laughing] being touched.

I love to be touched.

What reality show would I excel in?

This is specific, and I know I would be good at this.

I don't know if you'll get this, but it's a learning.



Do you know that show? Oh my gosh.

When you try and escape.

They set up this like police force

and they try and hunt you down,

and you have to go through these series of,

basically you have to

avoid being captured by the police.

Do you think you'd be good at that?

I think I'd be good.

Everybody always makes the mistake that they use,

they get in a car and go on the motorway.

Whereas the key is to get out of any public place,

get a tent, stay in a field for ages,

Get in a tent in a tent,

stay in a field for ages. Get in a tent,

and be patient. Keep your head down.

Keep your head down.

If I could have a lifetime supply

of anything in the world, what would it be?

It's related to something we've said.

It's like the same thing that we're repeating it.

Haribo Tangfastics. Yes, yes.

It doesn't matter if we're telling the truth

as long as we're winning the prizes.

[both laughing]

Haribo Tangfastics.

Yeah. Yeah.

What instrument can I play?

Oh, fuck all.

Oh, I know.

Piano. Piano and guitar.

Oh no,

I don't write it down. Piano and the guitar.

Oh, I didn't know you could play the guitar.

Just a little bit.

Not well.

We did better than I thought we were going to do.

I thought we did- We did really well.

Who do I think won? Who do you think won?

I think Paul won.

Did he? It is what it is.

[audience laughing] It is what it is.

Stop the lights. Stop the lights.

[everyone laughing]

[upbeat music]

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